• Chapters
    • Chapter 1
      Megan and Stitch meet
    • Chapter 2
      Megan and Stitch find themselves in a strange hell dimnesion, where they are met by a demonic ferryman by the name of Tesp Doedd. He is assigned to deliver them to the office of Bale Veld.
    • Guest Week 1
      AfterStrife guest comics from Tom Siddell, James Turner, Tyson Smith, Steve Napierski and Ali Graham (doing a HOUSD edition of the webcomic.)
    • Chapter 3
      Bale Veld sends his second in command Crispin to get Megan and Stitch accustomed to their new existence. Stitch also discovers a photograph of Megan and a young girl holding a teddy bear.
    • Chapter 4
      Crispin takes Megan and Stitch on an introductory night out at Banteurose's premium hotspot - The Necropolis, where they receive a mixed reception. Stitch makes a new friend of the femme fatale Neris and enmies of Necropolis manager Beize.
    • Chapter 5
      After Megan and Stitch recover from the night before, they are assigned their new job. Megan is to become the new barmaid at The Necropolis, while Stitch has been assigned to local stable owner Leygib.
    • Chapter 6
      Stitch gets to grips with stable life and the work that comes with it, discovering Leygib's back-story as a multi-award winning racer. Megan is struggling to find her place amongst the Necropolis bar staff.
    • Guest Week 2
      AfterStrife guest comics from Fay Hancocks, Peter Dodds, Jodie Azhar, Ed Hicks and David Brooks
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
    • Chapter 12
    • Chapter 13
    • Epilogue
      In his new position of power Crispin begins attempts to patch Banteurose back together, calling in Tesp Doedd for a very special job. While Stitch and Megan find themselves in their new eternal resting place.