Name: Stitch
Stitch’s past is shrouded in mystery. The last coherant thing he remembers is waking up at the train station, apparently dead. He knows basic facts about himself, and his prior knowledge about the world, just no memory of his former life.
Name: Megan
All that is known about Megan at this point is that she commited suicide. She is confident and outspoken, but has deeper seeded insecurities which she masks with agression and sarcasm.
Name: Tesp Doedd
Tesp Doedd is the lovable ferryman of the east bank of Banteurose. He welcomes new arrivals, delivers “precious cargo” to the city, as well as being a self professed resolver of “teenage tifs.”
Name: Ms. Conch
Ms. Conch is the coffee fuelled personal secretary of Bale Veld and head secretary of Doshu Industries. Getting little sleep, and relying on a heavy dosage of caffeine, her mood can be seen as somewhat spikey.
Name: Bale Veld
Charming, sophisticated and the most powerful demon in mainland Banteurose. He oversees all that goes on in his great city, demanding hard work, as well as offering ample reward for doing so.
Name: Crispin
Good looking, charming and thoroughly likeable liaison to Stitch and Megan, acting as their mentor to help them acclimatize to their new existence. Owner of Banteurose’s top nightclub The Necropolis, he is a man of the people.
Name: Jellk
Necropolis regular, and part of the unwelcoming comittee. Not taking kindly to newcomers, especially those that spill his drink.
Name: Beize
Tough talking, Beize is the real person behind The Necropolis. Responsible for all goings on within the club, she doesn’t stand for any crap.
Name: Hahlorn
Barmaid at The Necropolis, who after giving Stitch a note of warning disappears, later reported in the Banteurose Express as to have been deported.
Name: Neris
Attractive, seductive. Using her looks and charms to entice both Stitch and previously Leygib, it is unclear as to where her true allegence lies.
Name: Leygib
The most proliphic name in the sport of monster racing. When forced into retirement through injury and politics he set up a stables and training facility for future racers
Name: The Groch
The newest addition to Leygib’s stables. Captured from the other side of the river. Having already killed Stitch’s predecessor, The Groch must be approached with care at all times.
Name: Sha
Bumbling assistent at Leygib’s stables, his main job seems to be answering the phone, which to Leygib is enough of a responsibility for him.
Name: Ulner Petrow
Now one of the most powerful demons in Banteurose, starting off as a petty crook he formed an unofficial allegence with Bale Veld to sabotage the Death Toll Championships.
Name: Barbeta
Leygib’s former racing monster. Having won a previous four Death Toll Championships with Leygib, she is drugged by Ulner Petrow.
Name: Arkin
Former co-worker and good friend of Hahlorn. Disliking newcomers, he is especially begrudging of Megan and Stitch’s involvement of Hahlorn’s deportation.
Name: Baig
A warm and friendly soul, Baig more than happy to show Megan the ropes in her new job as a replacement barmaid at The Necropolis.
Name: Moovok
Violently ambitious former protégée of Leygib. Previously when offered a lucrative position racing for Ulner Petrow, he has been bound by contract. But the tipping point is Leygib’s hiring and favouritism of Stitch within the stables.
Name: Goad Tullepure
One of the favourites in the Death Toll Championships, known for his bad sportmanship by trying to despose of all competition early on in the race.
Name: Crasp
Moovok’s racing monster in the Death Toll championship, with sharp claws, the ability to fly and a deadly coma enducing sting, the Crasp is a formidable opponent to Stitch and the Groch.
Name: Beth (Megan’s Sister)
The mysterious spirit of Megan’s dead sister contacts Stitch in the sea of souls.
Name: Emma (Megan’s Mother)
Megan’s mother made the decision not to tell her daughters that she is suffering from terminal illness.
Name: Derek (Megan’s Father)
With a terminally ill wife and a renegade daughter Derek is struggling to make ends meet.
Name: Navig
Bale Veld’s spiritually attached companion. Navig was archived by Bale for standing against his dictatorship of Banteurose.